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Bullish on Bricks

Although FIRE is very much about Stocks and Shares, Index ETFs, Global Diversification, Automation and Pound Cost Averaging. A lot of the FIRE media shies away from Property but I would say that we should embrace it. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of a Property Investment and compare Property and…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! I hope that everyone has a healthy 2021.

FatFIRE Christmas Carol

It’s the season to be jolly! And its also the season to spend a lot of money and end up broke by January. Then spend some money on January Sales and end up in serious unrecoverable debt by February!

What to do with your Bonus?

Bonus season is upon us. Anxiety and anticipation is over. I have a figure to share. But what do I buy with it. Rolex? Jewellery? Holidays? Or should I be sensible and do the right thing. But its 2020! Don’t we all deserve a break from FIRE?

Blasphemy: I miss the office

If you asked me 4 years ago what I wanted to do when I retired, I would have said “nothing”. My priorities would have been chilling, travelling and spending as much time as possible with my young family. I had dreams of leaving work on my 41st birthday, clearing out my desk and handing in…

Did COVID-19 mess up your FIRE plans? It messed mine but we are grateful for a lot of things…

I have been tracking a FatFIRE age of 41 for the last 3-4 years! As far as I could tell, my models predicted that on my 41st birthday I would retire or be ready to retire. But a double Whammy of UK’s IR35 regulations and COVID-19 has thrown everything off course. But we have a…

Quick update: I hit £1m Net Worth but…

What does the definition of Net Worth cover especially when you are trying to hit FatFIRE and you have Property assets to correctly account? This is a quick update on where I am.

How to hit £1M net worth by the age of 40 and £2.5M by 50

Provocative title, I know, but I had to catch your eye some how! This is a short thought experiment on how much you need to invest on a regular basis to hit a net worth of £1M by 40 or £2M by 50. Includes free tools and links to help you get started and work…

Be business class frugal with a Luxury Budget

How to Budget while including Luxuries or Luxury alternatives. I’ll tell you how to grade your Luxury spending by Happiness and search for alternatives that give you the same buzz.

How much do I need to FatFIRE in the UK?

£1M, £2M, £15M? FatFIRE isn’t a defined accounting term. It’s something that means different things to different people. But how much is enough? This is my guide to calculating your future expenses, cashflows and modelling your FatFIRE number and working out your Retirement Age. ++ Free tools and downloadable resources to get you started!


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