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I want to be Wealthy NOW!

There are just three things that you need to do to become Wealthy. End of Blog! Not quite...

“Be Frugal, Increase your income, Invest the difference.”

There are just three things that you need to do to become Wealthy.

  1. Be Frugal with your expenses (Budget, Budget, Budget and Budget some more then stick to it like the [insert your chosen religious text here])
  2. Increase your income disproportionately to your expenses (Get promoted, Innovate, Invent, Get Qualifications, Change jobs, Ask for a pay rise…)
  3. Invest the difference between your Income and Expenses into Growth and Income Producing assets (Stocks and Shares, Property, Businesses etc.) as early as possible in your investing journey.

Thats it. Job done. Good luck folks! Don’t forget to donate some money on my Patreon Page once you make it to Wealthy status 🙂

Not quite. Few more things to learn…

How much Wealth is enough? And know the difference between Wealthy and Rich.

But first, check out our FatFIRE journey to see how we started and our FatFIRE number to see where we are heading.

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