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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! I hope that everyone has a healthy 2021.

Happy New Year to all! I hope that everyone has a healthy 2021.

This year I realised that I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to save and invest enough money to eventually retire early. I am fortunate enough to obsess about savings rates and SVRs. I’m fortunate enough to hunker down through black swan events and continue chipping away at my goal.

This year I realised who I was doing it for: family. And this year I realised that I’m not the head strong, ‘throw anything at me’ person I thought I was. I got scared. I feared for my family: especially my parents and my in-laws who are vulnerable. I got anxious.

But this year brought all kinds of surprises. I spent almost 12 months working from home. It was a dream come true. I watched my kids go through milestones, I got involved in family life and used the social downtime to pick up good habits and hobbies. I tasted a slice of FIRE life and I have to say: I cannot wait for the this to be my permanent occupation. I missed corporate life and the city a little but I wouldn’t give this up for the world. I realised that escaping the rat race and being a full time Dad is something I’m looking forward to!

I hope that 2021 will allow everyone to get back to normal, re-find their goals and move on with their lives.

I really really really do hope that everyone is safe and healthy. Please follow the Scientific and Government Advice and please please use your common sense (as sometimes the advice isn’t always health motivated – remember “eat out to help out”). FIRE will not work without you. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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  1. Miguel Municio

    Hello! I’ve just had a bit of a binge and read through all your posts, it’s very inspiring. I’m 27 and have become very focused on my finances since I actually starting making enough money to go beyond the basics of a 20something’s life in London. I’ve got a full Stocks & Shares ISA, and a significant amount of cash sitting in the bank (on top of an emergency fund covering me for 6 months). Planning to fund a Stocks & Shares ISA per year (probably more in Stocks & Shares), but also looking to diversity my assets. I have seen that you invest in BTL, and was wondering whether you could would be writing a post on that? I am strongly considering that option but as a newbie it seems like a daunting endeavour.

    Thank you!

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