This is where I want to be, not in the office

FatFIRE Family

We are the FatFIRE Family. I’m FatFIRE Dad, I’m married to FatFIRE Mum and we have two rather lean (but Big Spirited FatFIRE kids). We live in a suburb of South London – UK and have been on the path to Financial Independence Retire Early – FIRE – for the last 5-6 years. We believe in FatFIRE rather than LeanFIRE as we don’t want our kids quality of life to be impacted too much by our financial decisions. We prioritise spending on kids, travel and food and cut down on everything else. We are not perfect and our journey has and will have its ups and downs. This blog is a record of that journey for our kids.

We write anonymously as it gives us the freedom to lay bare and analyse our family finances in public.

If you want to find out more read our fatFIRE Journey and all the details around our finance in our numbers.