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FatFIRE Guide

How to hit £1M net worth by the age of 40 and £2.5M by 50

Provocative title, I know, but I had to catch your eye some how! This is a short thought experiment on how much you need to invest on a regular basis to hit a net worth of £1M by 40 or £2M by 50. Includes free tools and links to help you get started and work out your own numbers.

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FatFIRE Guide

How much do I need to FatFIRE in the UK?

£1M, £2M, £15M? FatFIRE isn’t a defined accounting term. It’s something that means different things to different people. But how much is enough?

This is my guide to calculating your future expenses, cashflows and modelling your FatFIRE number and working out your Retirement Age. ++ Free tools and downloadable resources to get you started!